About me

My name is Andriy Radich. If you want to know more about me, please, read my articles and listen to my music. It will be better than I tell you something myself.

About music

Music helps us to feel. And feelings are extremely important because they are the part of the high-level knowledge, the knowledge that cannot be described with words.
I am a creator of more than 100 of musical compositions, And I do my best to make you feel.
Forget about any kind of rationality. Forget about everything. Close your eyes and feel every note.

About business

In my opinion we are the witnesses of the spectacular revolution. Its impact will be larger than appearance of the computers and Internet. It is the revolution in management. Agility, flexibility and self-organization took the place of administration in the business models of successful companies. This tools put the knowledge on first place. They help everyone’s knowledge to play a major role in the companies’ success.

About nature

Nature helps us to learn. Trees, rocks, rivers, seas and oceans, everything around us was constructed during millions of years. That’s why it is absolutely perfect. Watch and listen. Be careful and attentive. And you will learn a lot from this perfectness.

About knowledge

Knowledge is everything. And I strongly believe that Knowledge is the goal of our lives. What is the Knowledge? It is everything! And our feelings are also the part of the Knowledge!
The Knowledge helps us to survive. But on the other hand, surviving could be the reason why knowledge appears. It is clear. If there were no diseases, no wars and enough to eat, we would live in the caves and have the best relaxing time painting buffaloes on their walls.

Why in English?

It’s easy, Even if I do some mistakes writing in English, everyone can read and understand my ideas. It’s really important for me, because I want this World to have as less borders as possible.